December 1, 2023


An Interactive Session

Atomic Heart review: A beautiful, fun game that often lacks focus and direction

Players have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Atomic Heart ever since its initial trailers depicted stunning visuals and a highly ambitious scope. Many have spent the last few months wondering if Atomic Heart fell into the “Too good to be true” category, while others were simply excited for a new IP to attempt to fill the same space as the Bioshock and Wolfenstein series of games.

After pouring hours a day into Atomic Heart and studiously observing everything in sight, I can confidently say that Mundfish and Focus Entertainment have delivered one of the most visually stunning worlds in modern video games, and some truly enjoyable core gameplay. However, the game overall lacks focus and direction, the narrative is driven by terribly inconsistent writing (especially with the main character), and the game is generally and unfortunately inaccessible.