December 2, 2023


An Interactive Session

Get Meet Your Maker with PlayStation Plus, available today – PlayStation.Blog

We are so thrilled for the launch of Meet Your Maker, out there these days on PS5 and PS4, and involved Working day 1 with PlayStation As well as memberships as one particular of April’s Monthly Games.

We start right now with a whole arsenal of traps, guards, weapons, Custodians, and much more currently included for Builders and Raiders to find and grasp. This is a recreation pushed by user-created material, and so for us, the subsequent phase is generating sure our players are taken care of with a steady stream of new content to hold the options, personalization, and creative imagination firing on all cylinders.

There’s a good deal to seem forward to, so let’s celebrate now with some guidelines and methods as well as all the things we’ll be including to the world of Satisfy Your Maker in the initially three months right after start.

Recommendations & tricks

We hope you’ll have a blast constructing unbelievable Outposts and raiding the crazy creations of other Builders. To near factors out, we wished to share a couple of quick ideas for the two roles to support you get started off whether you are playing solo or with a pal.


  • Construct Phase-by-Move: Use a 3-action tactic – establish the simple structure, include traps and guards, then cosmetics.
  • Second Wave: Raiders however have to escape once they’ve grabbed the Genmat. Make having out just as tricky as having in.
  • Foresee: Assume like a Raider as you set traps. How can you lure, herd, and trick them although utilizing their reactions to your benefit?
  • Examination: Test your own Outposts as a Raider. It’s the ideal way to know what’s doing the job and what is not.


  • Hardware: Stock up on beneficial consumables like pace boosts, deployable shields, and even respawn beacons.
  • Grapple Hook: This is your greatest pal. Grasp it. It presents you outstanding mobility for both of those attacking and escaping.
  • Hazard Indicators: When a lure is tripped you get each a visual and audio cue just before it deploys. Educate on your own to react swiftly.
  • Second Wave: Some traps and guards only activate soon after you seize the Genmat. Have confidence in practically nothing on your way out.

Three-thirty day period material roadmap

Keeping things contemporary, ever-modifying, and usually sudden is our mission when it arrives to including content to Fulfill Your Maker.

We also want to make all this written content conveniently available to all gamers, and so a great deal of what you’ll see down below is both cost-free, or unlockable just by taking part in the game and earning in-sport forex.

Hellscape Deco Pack – free of charge/quick access (April 18)

Arriving a handful of weeks immediately after launch this Deco Pack will be totally free and instantaneously accessible to all gamers. Deco Packs in Meet Your Maker are essentially themed developing resources that insert a fully new aesthetic to the match. Hellscape brings together organic make a difference and industrial materials to develop eerie, pulsating, and all-all over unsettling Outposts that come to feel alive in the worst possible methods.

New Mods and Augments – cost-free/unlockable with playtime (frequent drops)

Over the initially various months, we’ll also be dropping numerous new Mod and Augment additions for existing traps and guards which gamers can unlock with in-game forex. If Deco Packs are all about type, Mods and Augments are all about getting a far more successful killer. Builders get new methods to affect traps and guards for even extra control about their setups and combos. Raiders are all of a sudden faced with fresh troubles to defeat just when they imagined they’d figured everything out.

Important Content material Update – Sector 1: Dreadshore (stop of June)

Satisfy Your Maker’s first significant DLC will appear at the end of June and incorporate a absolutely new surroundings to the match, as effectively a new Deco Pack, Custodian, trap, guard, weapon, and even a cosmetic collection.

When it will come to Sectors, new environments and new deco packs will constantly be immediately accessible for absolutely free to all players upon launch. The environment introduces a fully new location together with a Sector-themed set of making blocks to generate a completely unique design and style of Outpost. All the gameplay elements are unlockable by way of playtime.

“A Sector is our way of touring to a new spot and uncovering weapons, guards, and other supplies that can be handy to the Custodian,” suggests Joe Dermo, Fulfill Your Maker’s narrative designer. “Each Sector has lore that can give us a clearer idea of what was occurring in the world before its downfall.

“There are quite a few Sanctuaries out there, so we imagine how their inhabitants might have lived, how they’d adapt to their environment, and how their morality, or absence thereof, could guide them down a unique route. Dreadshore will provide us outside of the sandy wastes to a quite distinct area. The backstory will shine a spotlight on 1 of the themes of our universe: what comes about when science and experimentation is pushed beyond its moral limitations.”

Meet Your Maker is obtainable now on PS4 and PS5.