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Lightfall launch trailer and new quality-of-life features revealed, out Feb 28 – PlayStation.Blog

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With the forthcoming start of Future 2: Lightfall on February 28, Guardians will be thrust into a new experience that will see them put together for the arrival of the Witness and its disciple, Calus. Obstacle and thrills await gamers with Lightfall—from brand new enemies these as the formidable Tormentors to a gripping marketing campaign, complete with a Legendary trouble method for all those Guardians searching for the supreme examination of their talent.

Future supporters acquired their hottest glimpse at Lightfall in the start trailer, which debuted nowadays all through today’s Point out of Enjoy. Acquire a search and whet your urge for food for all of the Strand-weaving, Shadow Legion-crushing, Neomuna-checking out action to appear:

Guardians won’t go into the struggle from Calus empty-handed. A new elemental destruction sort, Strand, will let gamers pluck at the threads of cosmic consciousness and wield the Weave to sew destruction and chaos from the enemies of humanity. There will also be a bevy of new weapons and armor to incorporate to your Guardian’s arsenal, including powerful Exotics, as properly as a new Strand-enabled grapple capacity that will give Guardians motion selections they’ve in no way encountered in advance of in Destiny 2.

With Lightfall, the Destiny 2 team has also been tough at operate crafting a host of at the rear of-the-scenes improvements to gameplay, armor customization, and extra that will not just make your everyday living as a Guardian much easier, but additional powerful in battle also.

Right here, we’ll acquire a appear at some of the top quality-of-lifetime attributes that are coming to Destiny 2: Lightfall to learn a bit more about how they progressed in growth and how Guardians can place them to greatest use when they hit the neon streets of Neptune’s concealed town of Neomuna.

Destiny 2: Lightfall launch trailer and new quality-of-life features revealed, out Feb 28

Crafting a improved Guardian

Guardians are crafted for battle. In between highly effective armor and talents, as well as a weapons arsenal that can only be described as “plentiful,” there are a myriad of means to structure and personalize a monster-killing machine that suits nearly any player’s model. But arming oneself is only the initial step. Progress far adequate into the match and you’ll come upon mods—upgrades that can be extra to weapons and armor which offer you new perks and talents. People mod results stack together to create a Guardian that is as individual as the individual holding the controller.

Employing mods to craft a good establish has been a section of the Future 2 practical experience for decades now, and with Lightfall, the staff is searching to make the method of getting your Guardian to the next level easier than at any time. They’ve completed that via some important updates that intention to make buildcrafting extra approachable without having shedding the complexity and depth that Future 2 players like.

There is a whole lot to unpack with the up-to-date buildcrafting technique from the retiring of the outdated mod strength method to Artifact mods becoming translated into passive perks, and much more. Check out the modern submit on for the nitty gritty aspects of how mods will improve the activity in Lightfall. Let us emphasis on two buildcrafting attributes in distinct: Mod Customization and Loadouts.

Mod customization

Considerably like Appearance Customization revolutionized the way players can rapidly and effortlessly customize their Guardian’s look, the approaching Mod Customization element will let players handle their mod collection with a dedicated interface that places all the things on one mod-targeted screen.

As Bungie’s Rodney Thompson describes, a person of the important targets for the buildcrafting updates was to help save time.

“[Previously] it took up a good deal of a player’s time to go in and modify a construct,” reported Thompson. “And because mods were being distribute throughout many armor slots, if you adjusted weapons, for instance, there was a substantial probability that you would essentially have to go in and adjust five distinct pieces of armor due to the fact your mods weren’t set up appropriate.”

With the new Mod Customization display screen, you will be capable to navigate an all-in-just one display screen that displays all your mods and armor pieces at any provided time, letting you to immediately slot in mods without having acquiring to simply click on particular person armor slots. In addition, you will be able to simply entry important information and facts this kind of as your present-day weapon’s benefits and stats, devoid of the require to click back to your Character display.


If you’ve at any time absent from a strike to a Grandmaster Nightfall to an epic raid in a one Destiny 2 session, you know that switching gear is a should for the knowledgeable Guardian. Whilst third-celebration apps have customarily been a substantial enable with gear switching, the new Loadouts process coming with Lightfall aims to give players all that convenience without the need of the require to go away the recreation.

With Loadouts, you will be capable to quickly swap overall sets of gear on the fly (certainly, even gear in your vault), as properly as to preserve, label, and visually detect new loadouts as they are designed. You are going to begin with 6 slots in which to save loadouts and will be equipped to receive much more as you complete further Guardian Ranks (a lot more on those in a little bit). You will also be ready to swap among loadouts mid-action (excluding functions exactly where your gear is locked, these kinds of as Grandmaster Nightfalls), not just from orbit.

Bungie UI Designer Xavier Durand-Hollis described that the Loadouts and Mod Customization techniques have been created for ease of entry, with every just a button push away from the Character monitor. “When you open up your Character monitor, there will be two buttons on either side that you can push with the directional buttons. If you push remaining, it will open the Loadouts panel. You push suitable on the Character display screen and then you can swiftly obtain all of your distinct equipment mods.”

By reducing down the range of navigation screens, Mod Customization and Loadouts have been designed to save time for gamers. “The time between when you conceive of a make and the time you’re taking part in with it is a lot shorter,” Thompson said. “Basically, it usually means far more time taking pictures aliens in the confront.”

Up via the ranks

An additional pair of new attributes coming to Lightfall—Guardian Ranks and Commendations—have been built with social gameplay in thoughts. At their main, Guardian Ranks are a visible shorthand that will enable players easily have an understanding of the practical experience and capabilities of other Guardians they face. Gamers who total activities in the sport will move up as a result of the Guardian Ranks hierarchy as a natural outcome of actively playing the game, and some ranks will only be out there to people who total certain functions this kind of as dungeons, Nightfalls, or raids.

Future 2’s new Commendations method will allow gamers compliment fireteam users after an party or activity has ended. Example commendations include Pleasure Bringer, Selfless, and Playmaker, with every single employed to identify beneficial traits of gameplay and teamwork. Earning commendations will enable you not only obtain the upper echelons of Guardian Ranks, it will also permit anyone know that you are a fantastic person to have on their fireteam.

Bungie Designer Steve Dolan reported there’s a lofty objective that sits driving characteristics like Guardian Ranks and Commendations: motivating the participant to be much better, not just in conditions of talent, but also in terms of… becoming a person. “The motive why you want a fantastic [Commendations] score is mainly because a lot of the greatest ranks are about assisting the group,” Dolan mentioned. “You can get to a very superior Guardian Rank by just being very good at the game. If you want to get to the maximum ranks, you have to be great at the sport and add positively to the local community. All of a unexpected, you’ve bought a person who’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m rank nine but I want to aid these rank fives since I want to get some commendations and actually enhance my rating.’”

With its dependable focus on attempting new activities—from Seasonal Worries to tried out and real modes like strikes and Nightfalls—the Guardian Ranks process also serves as a helpful instrument to permit gamers know what optional actions are out there to them if they are looking to progress. At the start of each individual Year, players will be reset to Guardian Rank six (assuming they’ve attained that rank for the duration of the earlier Time), and they’ll will need to progress by means of Seasonal and greater-close written content like dungeons and raids to attain rank seven and upward.

[With these systems in place] there is this fantastic gradual stepping up in being familiar with the devices of the game,” said Thompson. “You’re going to have all your progression in the narrative and then you also add the Guardian Ranks development, wherever, if you do the troubles and then shift up by way of the ranks, you will understand the issues you have to have to know as you go. That’s a enormous advancement in excess of the way we’ve accomplished it in the previous simply because we can now say there is a development to adhere to, there is a rational up coming phase.”

An epic new experience, complete of obstacle, secret, and thrills, and all bolstered by a bevy of attributes created to make your everyday living as a Guardian not just easier, but far more welcoming as properly. It is all coming with the start of Future 2: Lightfall on February 28.

Engage in The Witch Queen for absolutely free this weekend

Future 2 supporters can put together for the start of Destiny 2: Lightfall by using the battle to Savathûn and her Lucent Brood for absolutely free this weekend. Starting off on February 23 via February 26, The Witch Queen Conventional Edition will be offered to PlayStation gamers at no supplemental price tag. The Throne World awaits, Guardians!

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