October 4, 2023


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PlayStation VR 2 Players Are Reporting Issues With Their Sense Controllers

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The PlayStation VR 2 has only just launched, but numerous users appear to be experiencing issues with the right Sense controller.

As reported by Eurogamer, a detailed thread has been shared to the PSVR subreddit detailing several issues that appear to be occurring with the right Sense controller for the PSVR 2. “Like a lot of folks on here, I can’t get button presses on my right Sense controller to register in games,” explains the poster, mentioning the X and R2 buttons in the head of the thread. The author noted that on the main PS5 menu, there’s no issue with the buttons, so it might be a software-specific issue.

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The thread lists a range of ways you can potentially fix the issue, starting with the official PlayStation method from the hardware’s troubleshooting page, which is to turn the PS5 off, reset both controllers using a pin, plug the right controller into the console, turn the console on again, and pair the left Sense based on the on-screen directions.

Other fixes include things like the classic turning it off and on again, turning feedback off and on again, using a DualSense controller to enter a game while in See Through mode while the VR Sense controllers aren’t connected and then turning the Sense controllers on, and literally just button mashing until it works.

Not everyone appears to be experiencing issues with the right controller; some are having problems with the left, in fact, and the issues don’t seem to affect every game. Titles like Gran Turismo 7 and Thumper are reportedly totally fine. If you’re having any troubles, the thread is repeatedly being updated with new fixes, so keep checking back if you haven’t found one yet.

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