September 24, 2023


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Review – The Settlers: New Allies

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‘I’ve heard excellent points from Ubisoft Dusseldorf, fomerly identified as Blue Byte, from my WayTooManyGames colleagues, particularly due to their excellence in building immersive city builders, like the Anno games. As in, online games wherever you build towns. A builder. For metropolitan areas. Which is it. I’m producing this noticeable remark because somebody may have skipped the memo during the enhancement of The Settlers: New Allies.

The UI is first rate, the graphics are excellent, the new music is excellent. It is the gameplay loop that ain’t wonderful.

People today definitely like metropolis builders, or game titles we are just advised to create and deal with items for as long as possible. Just glimpse at Metropolitan areas, the new Pharaoh activity, or fairly a great deal 50 % of the cell game titles your mom performs (the other fifty percent is possibly Candy Crush). Men and women also actually like serious-time strategy games, as you can see by the revival of the Age of Empires sequence, as perfectly as Total War and the Warcraft III remaster (nicely, it wasn’t incredibly superior, but it exists). We had been struggling with a scarcity of RTS online games a few yrs back, but I’d argue that we’re quite satiated as of now. We do not will need common-at-best RTS online games to make us forget about the demise of Ensemble Studios anymore. The challenge is that The Settlers: New Allies thinks you do.

At initially, you start off off a new savefile and do the common things you’d do in a metropolis builder. You established up a lumber mill, mine rocks, create a few homes, convey to the fisherman to fish, the typical fare. Every thing is actually sluggish, given that you have to transfer sources to developing web pages by using dust or stone streets, and then inform distinct models to build them, but it is the core gameplay loop you’d count on. You will immediately notice every little thing is basically extremely simplistic, most likely a bit much too shallow. The Settlers: New Allies covers the essential elements from its style, with logistics currently being troublesome, but not sophisticated. You scarcely have to assume about creating extra properties or do everything else to Make sure you your citizens. Nope. After your precarious infrastructure is set, you’re then told to… generate military models?

The Settlers: New Allies RTS

Man… I just wanna construct stuff, not break things.

From that position on, The Settlers: New Allies becomes a actual-time system activity, due to the fact of course, there are other armies on the exact same map, and the primary aim is not to produce the greatest and most sustainable civilization you can, but to arrive up with sufficient of a first rate provide chain to be capable to ultimately exploration and recruit models to get rid of all people else in your vicinity. Its the most bare bones RTS expertise I have experienced considering that participating in outdated-school Command & Conquer on my Sega Saturn. It just doesn’t healthy very well with the metropolis constructing premise The Settlers: New Allies is also hoping to convey. It tries to remember to two vastly distinct varieties of audiences, and, as a result, finishes up failing in equally fronts.

It’s sad, for the reason that the game itself isn’t bad. There is a lengthy campaign (albeit one particular with bland maps and goals), its UI is not terrible, and its presentation is stellar. It appears terrific, with totally lovely lights outcomes and usage of coloration. The sound design is also major notch, with great music and voice performing. The basis is there, but the execution just isn’t that sublime. Oh, and to leading points off, microtransactions. They aren’t inherently obligatory, and the match hardly tends to make an effort to remind you that they are existing, but for crying out loud… microtransactions. We’re in 2023, men. Be far better.

The Settlers: New Allies Maps

Maps are smaller, but The Settlers: New Allies “makes up” for it by adding irritating gateways that need a toll, supplying you a faux notion that there’s more out there to unveil.

Can you have enjoyable with The Settlers: New Allies? Well certainly, definitely. It’s not a awful metropolis builder, nor is it a terrible authentic-time technique match. It’s just utterly mediocre on both equally fronts, ensuing in a game that fails to you should two completely unique audiences. The traditional situation of a jack of all trades, learn of none. I also have to commend the developers for a truly stunning presentation, decent tutorial and a person interface that is not 50 %-poor, despite being created with a mainly forgettable gameplay loop in intellect. We have adequate town builders and method games out there suitable now. Just get one of each individual and love their vastly various needs. You do not require a video game striving to be both of those at the exact same time.


The Settlers: New Allies may be heavily flawed, but I really favored its vibrant and in-depth visuals. It also operates particularly perfectly.

It’s also simplistic as a metropolis builder, and too convoluted for a system sport. Each gameplay styles do not blend nicely. Even nevertheless the UI is respectable more than enough, the overall gameplay just feels lacking.

Very fantastic tunes and voice acting. Just like the visuals, this is an space where by The Settlers: New Allies stands out. Difficulties lie in other places.

It attempts to be a town builder and a genuine-time system activity at the identical time, therefore it under no circumstances manages to entirely deliver on possibly premise. It’s not terrible, much from it, but it feels excessively simplistic. Also, microtransactions. Hooray…

Ultimate Verdict: 7.

The Settlers: New Allies is offered now on PS4, PS5, Xbox A person, Xbox Series S/X, Laptop, and Nintendo Change.

Reviewed on Intel i7-12700H, 16GB RAM, RTX 3060 6GB.

A copy of The Settlers: New Allies was furnished by the publisher.

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