December 2, 2023


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Tips to avoid motion sickness

Picture: Sony

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Do you get unwell when actively playing with Playstation VR 2? This can potentially be averted if you stick to our suggestions.

Movement illness can manifest with any VR headset and is usually caused by the variety of VR written content and its synthetic locomotion.

With Playstation VR 2, there are two extra things that can add to nausea: the better persistence of the OLED shows at comprehensive brightness and Sony’s reprojection technological innovation. In the pursuing short article, I describe how these aspects could influence your VR expertise and supply methods.

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Suggestion #1: Select the VR game titles and locomotion configurations that perform for you

The initially suggestion has to do with movement illness in basic and is independent of Playstation VR 2.

  • What is motion sickness?
  • What brings about movement sickness?
  • How can I stop movement illness?

You can come across the solutions to these questions in our in-depth article on motion illness, which you must study meticulously.

Here you will study the essential procedures for preventing motion sickness: selecting VR games based mostly on your sensitivities and acquiring suitable locomotion options.

Idea #2: Change down the display screen brightness

If you’ve tried out Idea #1 and are however feeling nauseous, Suggestion #2 might help.

Set the brightness of the VR displays to 25 p.c or reduced.

The Playstation VR 2’s OLED shows offer greater brightness than other VR headsets. This comes at the expense of a bigger display persistence, which effects in a slight motion blur and can induce nausea for some people today. You can read through a lot more about this phenomenon in the linked article.

Pressing the PlayStation button on the Perception controller twice in a row will deliver up a menu in which you can alter the brightness of the displays. This also will work when you are in a VR match.

At 25 % brightness, the displays are still as vibrant as most other VR headsets, but with significantly reduced persistence. At per cent, the shows are significantly much less bright.

Some VR games just take this into account and give a software-dependent brightness slider that must boost the visibility of the video game world.

Idea #3: Stay away from VR games that use reprojection

A different PSVR-2 particular cause of motion sickness may possibly be its reprojection technology.

Builders use reprojection for graphically demanding VR games that simply cannot achieve a native 90 frames for each second. With this procedure, the PS5 renders artificial frames that maximize the frame amount from 60 to 120.

Regrettably, major VR video games like Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village, and Gran Turismo presently use this rendering system. If these titles make you nauseous, attempt VR game titles that operate at native 90 or 120 frames for every second. Some titles may well even give you the possibility to pick concerning reprojection or a performance method with indigenous frame rendering.

You will need to have to investigation which VR online games support which modes on the world-wide-web. Reddit can be a good resource of information.

We can only hope that Sony will strengthen their reprojection technological know-how with potential updates to lower or eradicate this trouble. Reprojection techniques have been all around for Pc VR for decades, and even Meta Quest 2 supports reprojection in selected VR games.

Tip #4: Guarantee very good tracking conditions

You should note that inadequate tracking circumstances can have a damaging influence on reprojection. This is for the reason that the reprojection depends on the excellent of the monitoring details.

If you are playing in an empty place with almost nothing but bare walls, the tracking technique will have issues acquiring visible anchor details. If the monitoring can no more time retain up, the high quality of the reprojection will endure as well.

Make absolutely sure you established fantastic circumstances for the Playstation VR 2’s tracking program by staying away from really brilliant light sources or mirrors and activate monitoring aid if needed.

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